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On 30-06-18 a workshop on the “Multiple Intelligence, Motivation, Handling Behavioral Issues” was organized for teachers in association with the Times Of India. Ms. Annu Singh conducted the workshop. She spoke about the ‘Multiple Intelligence and Experiential teaching methods’. In this inspiring session, teachers learnt about the essential skills and ways to impart these through classroom activities.

Workshop on “Art of Living”

  • An ‘Art of living’ workshop was organized for the teachers on 26th March2018 in the school auditorium. It was conducted by Mr. Anil Sachdeva. The topic of the session was “How to remove stress from our lives”. Mr. Sachdeva   emphasized  on living in the present without thinking about our past and future, which will help to lead a happy and stress free life.
  • The session started with an activity. Which was very enjoyable and for some time we forgot about our tensions and were re-energized.
  • He motivated us to live life with a positive energy and free from egoistic nature and to take all problems and situations with  a smile and without stress.
  • He also did one breathing exercise with the teachers  which was quite relaxing. It was a very informative session.

Workshop on  “Motivation”

  • A workshop was organized for teachers on 22 March2018 by NIE. It was conducted by Mrs.Jayshree Mehta. The topic was ‘How to Motivate the students’.
  • She started with a very interesting ice breaker. All the teachers participated in it very enthusiastically.
  • The workshop emphasized upon  boosting  the energy level of students from time to time. It also laid stress upon motivational activities to be conducted in class within the lessons, to overcome the boredom of the students.
  • It focused on the emotional and pschylogical mind of the students. It helped the teachers to understand the consequences of stress at both the levels i.e the teachers level as well as students level.
  • It was indeed a very fruitful session.



To encourage the art and craft in school and give boost to the will of art enthusiasts, On 30th JULY and 1st AUGUST 2018, DELHI CITY SCHOOL had organized a two days “ART WORKSHOP” for classes VI – IX.  Famous artist Mr. PRATEEK KUSHWAHA conducted the workshop in the school auditorium. A total of 60 students took part in the art workshop. The workshop started with the demonstration of landscape with the postal colors. The students were introduced to various new techniques of poster coloring. He guided and trained the students on the basics as well as made the participants aware about the importance of art and colors. It was really an interesting and meaningful workshop for the students.


To  encourage  the theatre activities in school and give boost to the will of theatre enthusiasts, On  11th May ,2018 Delhi City school has organised a one day “Theatre Work shop”  for classes IX to XII. Mrs. Beena conducted  the workshop. She guided and trained the students on the basics like body language, actions,  postures, diction as well as make the participants aware about the importance of co-ordination with the  co-actors during a play. By the means of that workshop, she tried to change the typical thinking of the students about the theatre shows.  It was an effort to make them aware about the reality and richness in this field and that it can be pursued as a career option. It was really an interesting and meaningful workshop for the students.

  • ICTRC( India International Education Conclave for school counsellors/ Teacher – Counsellors ) organized a workshop for school counselors/ Teacher counselors on “ Motivating Students in the New Millenium- Issues and Challenges” on February 22, 2018 at India Habital Centre Lodhi Road, New Delhi -3
  • Two of our teachers ,Ms. Sangeeta Khanna and Ms. Etika Puri attended that workshop . The main objective of that workshop was to provide school counselors/ Teachers- counselors with an understanding of student motivation in the current scenario from a psychological prespective so that they can devise strategies to help students become intrinsically motivated learners.
  • It was quite effective and beneficial for a better understanding of students need.
  • Communication skills are essential for the successful future career of a student. In todays competitive world communication  skills in schools, colleges and in business are the most sought after quality of an educated person. Reading. Writing and listening  carefully are the three most important communication skills of a student.
  • Times of India organized a workshop on “Need of Effective Communication Skills for Students“on February 22, 23, 2018 in our school( Delhi City School) New Delhi-85.
  • The main emphasis of the workshop was on the importance of oral and written communication in a professional world. Mrs. Anjali Sachdeva explained the importance of creative writing. Next important motive of that  interactive session was to enlighten the students with the use of correct English and its  importance.  She also explained eight strategies to enhance the reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • It was interactive  ,effective and beneficial for the students. The workshop ended
  • With a pleasant note, with both the student community and the faculty getting benifitted by Mrs. Anjali  Sachdeva’s experience  and knowledge.
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