what is dyslexia

What is Dyslexia and How You Can Prevent Your Child From It?

A Child’s Fight with Dyslexia

We all have heard about dyslexia but having an in-depth knowledge regarding this learning disability is also essential if you are someone or you know someone who is dealing with it. If you see a child who is finding it hard to have a synchronization when it comes to reading or writing fluently and accurately, then dyslexia can be the hidden reason. They will also have issues when they are trying to read a comprehension or when it comes to spelling it or writing it. It is crucial to know what is dyslexia.

If you are raising a person or a child who is subjected to dyslexia, then it won’t be a smooth journey both for the parent and for the kid. It is essential for you to have proper knowledge and understanding to analyze what type of challenges your child is facing when they are reading a particular thing. So, if you are new to the entire concept of dyslexia, then this article is going to provide you with the insight that you need. Knowing about dyslexia is important.

What dyslexia actually is?

Dyslexia Signs and Symptoms

Dyslexia is a condition that is going to stay with you for your entire life, and it is going to make you suffer when you are trying to read something. Most of the time it is related to the learning issues, but it is very important to analyze whether your kid actually has it or not. According to the experts, near about five to ten percent of the children are suffering from such condition and among the total, only 17% of them have shown issues related to reading. It’s symptoms can be defined in several ways. The signs should also be known alongside what is dyslexia.

Dslexia is mostly related to problems in terms of fluency or accuracy while reading if they have dyslexia they will be facing a problem when it comes to answering certain questions which they have recently read. Other types of difficulties which they can face due to dyslexia are issues related to writing, spelling, reading comprehension and doing maths. It is significant to know what is dyslexia.

Most of the people also believe that dyslexia can be related with the visual issue and they feel that the kids are reversing their writing or letters in the backward, but in actual it is not any issues related to vision or anything like writing letters in the wrong direction. It is true that it will impact your learning ability, but it is not going to impact your intelligence. If a child has dyslexia, he/she can be smart just like their other friends. Even several elected officials, entrepreneurs have dyslexia but have acquired a successful career in the long run. It is very important to help your child if they have dyslexia by using several approaches or strategies that will help them to overcome the challenges which they are basically facing. You need to know what is dyslexia to understand the way it should be treated.

Signs and symptoms related to dyslexia:

How Dyslexia Is Diagnosed

Dyslexia can impact people in different ways and in different degrees which will vary from one person to another. The basic sign or symptom of dyslexia is related to problems when it comes to fluency or accuracy in terms of reading or spelling. In many kids, it can also impact their ability to understanding language, math or writing. You need to understand this for knowing what dyslexia is.

If a child is suffering from dyslexia, then he/she will be facing trouble when it comes to decoding words. So, they won’t be able to maintain synchronization between the letters and the sounds which will, in turn, disrupt their ability to read any word fluently or accurately.

Children’s are facing issues when it comes to decoding, and they are also facing issues related to language skills which are known as phonemic awareness. This is an ability to recognize different types of sounds in the form of words. Symptoms related to dyslexia can get visible when your child is going to preschool though the diagnosis related to it may happen in the later stage and thus knowing what is dyslexia is extremely important.

Most of the child is also facing dyslexia-related issues when it comes to complex skills like in-depth writing, reading fluency, sentence structure or including grammar.

The most potential sign related to dyslexia is when the kid is avoiding to read or write. They may feel anxious or go through frustration when they are reading.

It is crucial to understand the examples of What Dyslexia Is.

Other issues which you can face along with dyslexia

Most of the kids are also suffering from more than one attention or learning issues. Because there are many medical conditions which can occur along with dyslexia, you can also confuse the symptoms with that of dyslexia. It is important to analyze all the other type of symptoms which can hinder a child from concentrated or implementing their learning or reading abilities.

If a child is suffering from ADHD, then it will hamper their focusing ability along with performing activities like reading. Among the people who are suffering from ADHD, 40% of them also have dyslexia. The basic differences are the kid will not show any sort of frustration when it comes to reading when they have ADHD, unlike dyslexia. You need to understand ADHD to understand what is dyslexia.

Issues related to executive functioning can also affect several skills or areas like learning, flexible thinking, working for memory or organization.

If a child is having a slow processing pace, then it can impact their reading along with learning abilities. So if a kid is suffering from difficulty when it comes to processing or responding to several information, then you might have to take them for diagnosing. You need to know how your kid is responding to deeply understand what is dyslexia.

A child can have some disability or disorder when it comes to auditory processing, that is, difficulty in decoding what she is hearing. It will also make it difficult for them to differentiate between the sounding of different types of letters which are similar.

Many people are also facing issues with visual processing, and that is why they may find it hard to read letters because of the blurry vision. So do not confuse visual processing issues with that of dyslexia because they are completely different and they need to be treated in different ways. If you see that your kid has issues with visual processing, you need to know what is dyslexia.

Dysgraphia is also a condition where a child is finding it hard to form numbers or letters and spell them. It will also make it hard for them to organize anything that is why many kids are suffering from dyslexia and dysgraphia at the same time.

Dyscalculia is a condition where a child is facing issues when it comes to dealing with numbers or doing maths and these issues of very serious. Most of the children who are suffering from dyslexia can also start developing dyscalculia because they are facing issues related to counting or learning is found in both issues.

These are the things that you should know to understand what is dyslexia.

Possible causes of Dyslexia

Possible Causes of Dyslexia

Most of the researchers have not particularly pinpointed the reason which is causing dyslexia, but it has something to do with the brain and the genes differences which is playing a major role. Protecting yourself from the Possible Causes of Dyslexia is crucial.

Heredity and genes: In many families, dyslexia runs in the gene, and 40% of the children’s are inheriting it. They are facing the same issues related to reading and writing there are several things which are linked to such issues of processing language reading.

Brain activity and anatomy: The process of brain imaging has been used for finding the differences in people who were suffering from dyslexia and who are not suffering from it.  The differences are causing some issues on a particular area of the brain which is related to reading skills. Some of the skills are indicating how sounds will be represented in terms of words and how to recognize the written words.

These are the causes that you should know about to understand what is dyslexia significantly.

How to diagnose dyslexia?

To diagnose a child with dyslexia, you will have to evaluate them completely either at the school or at any private place. You can opt for the school evolution as they are completely free. When one js getting diagnosed with dyslexia, then they will be provided with proper services and assistance at the school only. They will be providing the child with special instructions for reading and learning.

Before opting for dyslexia diagnosis, it is very important to take your child to a doctor who can investigate them and check for any hearing or vision issues. Several professionals can easily help a child fight with dyslexia, and some of them are clinical psychologist, psychologist, pediatric neuropsychologist, etc. After evaluating the child, they will be providing results which can prove whether the child is diagnosed with dyslexia or not. They will have to perform several tasks to find out the area where the problem exists.

A child will be getting assistance from the psychologist for facing difficult issues that they are having in their learning ways. It can also include issues related to mental health or ADHD since it co-occurs with that of dyslexia. If a kid is having issues related to attention and learning, then they will also have the chances of developing depression or anxiety.

You will also have to provide the doctor with your family history and fill out several questionnaires regarding the child’s weakness and strength. The teacher will be providing needed information after analyzing them and their activities in the classroom.

The specialists who will be helping the child with dyslexia will be looking into all these results and will be making decisions of how it should be treated.

You also need to understand How Dyslexia is Diagnosed with kids.

How professionals can help your child with dyslexia

Several people are going to provide you with professional assistance when it comes to helping a child who has dyslexia. They will be focusing on several aspects starting from intervention, instruction, services, school support, counseling along with the diagnosis. There is no particular medication when it comes to treating dyslexia, but all the professionals will be helping them by providing them with a task that will help them to improve their overall condition:

These professionals will be including:

  • Reading specialist
  • Child psychologist
  • Speech and language pathologist
  • Child neuropsychology
  • Special teacher for education.

There are several teaching methods which will help the kids who are suffering from dyslexia. So, they will be using instructions which will be structured sequentially and will be highly multisensory. So mostly the reading programs will be implemented. It is crucial to understand the Other Issues That Can Co-Occur with Dyslexia and the tips to keep yourself from an early age.

How to help a child with dyslexia

What Dyslexia Is

As a parent, it is your task to carry out several sessions which will help them in improving the condition. So, whether it is on the school to make them learn at your home, it is very important to include several tasks that will help in improving the reading skills, and you should also provide the child with needed motivation and tools so that they will have enough courage to deal with their condition of dyslexia. In 2019, you need to know How You Can Help Your Child with Dyslexia.

Explore several ways for improving the child’s ability of reading comprehension.

Explore several applications and tool that are going to help them with reading.

You will be getting several audio books which will help your child to overcome the fear of reading or learning.

You need to discover the strength of the child to channelize it in the right way so that they can easily overcome their weakness.

You will have to find several ways that will help the child to connect with sound and letters in their everyday activities.

One must also analyze how the child is behaving in their middle school or great school.

Dyslexia is a condition where a person does not have enough things to do for getting completely rid of the situation, but one can definitely adapt several ways for overcoming these issues related to reading and writing. It is always important to diagnose everything properly so that you are not treating a child with dyslexia if they do not have it. There are several factors which can affect a child’s ability to reading and learn so try to adopt proper strategies for helping a child’s condition if it is not because of dyslexia. It is important to consult someone who is having adequate knowledge of treating kids with dyslexia.



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