Tips for Parents Whose Kids Are Sitting for Board Exams

If you could scare students with one word, what would it be?



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Relax, Boards is not scary at all, you just have to study well and be prepared for the battle. Not just kids but their parents should also be prepared to give moral support to their kids. This is the time when parents are the second most sought (of course, books are the first). This is the time when parents have to be on the side of their kids to support them and care for them.

Predominantly, parents understand their kids and their needs but during this time parents have certain expectations from their children. It is okay to have some expectation but have you ever noticed that what effect your belief has on your child? Unknowingly parents do and say a lot of things which can hamper the progress and preparation of the students.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Parents 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

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Boards can be scary and students tend to lick up each and every nooks and cranny of the books. A lot of reading and no rest is not good for the health. Usually what happens is that students eat and study and sleep, this is the pattern they follow when boards are approaching or are in session. The posture is stiff when they are studying and without any physical activity will make them lazy and they will not be able to freshen up their mind. Parents should encourage their child to be active while studying and if they are not ready to leave the book then ask them to walk and read. Being physically active will speed up the learning process.

Stop the comparison  

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Some parents have that insecurity that if another child is capable of doing something then why not theirs? STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY. Every child is capable but in a different way and it is a fact that children’s brain frequency do not match. So, every child is not capable of everything. If your child is good in Math and is not doing well in Hindi then it is okay. There is no need to compare them with a rank holder. You know what happens is that this comparison demoralizes the child; it’s true that boards are the foundation but comparing them with every other child makes they think low of themselves. Just make sure whatever you say, say in a way that you are not comparing them to others. Every child is different and so are parents.

Talk to them.

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When kids study then they are under a lot of pressure to secure good marks in them, by this time they can have sudden mood swings and also can lose the trust in them. The current generation is growing up in such a way that they can handle their own problems. So, the parents have to look for some signs when their kids are behaving in an unnatural way. Talk to them and make them understand that giving up is not an option; if they fell then they had to stand up and aim higher and do that till they achieve their goal.

Pointing Out Petty Problems

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A messy room is the sign that the person is still a student. Kids don’t have the time to clean up their room so pointing a finger towards their mess room is out of the question. Do you know why the room is messy? It’s because even they don’t know what book would they need for revision and if they have eaten anything then do not expect them to pick up the dirty dish after they have eaten. Its fine, the room will clean after sometime. Give them healthy food because excessive fried food and junk can make them sleepy and lethargic. Remember that they are already stressed about the exams and giving them an extra chore is a strict no.

Keep Calm and Be a Friend

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Allow them to explore more, shower them with love and care. Parents should keep their health up to date as they will be on their toes during the examination period. Remember that your child has already prepared for the exams (if he/she is careful enough) and this is just a revision period. Time their use of electronic devices and their social media time. Assure them that these are just like other exams and nothing is scary about this.


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