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How to Understand school readiness for Your Child?

After a certain age, it is the task of the parents to admit their child into a primary school in order to start their basic education. So, before you take your child to a school, it is essential to analyze whether they are ready for it and you should completely check the school readiness.

What is School Readiness?

Your child school readiness is used for measuring whether the child has enough skills and knowledge along with the behavior which will enable them in participating and succeeding in several activities that will take place in the school.

school ready

Most of the parents are having the misconception that if a child can read or write and can perform some basic mathematical operations, then they are ready for schooling but in most of the cases, it is not. School readiness basically indicates to the fact that a child is developed completely and is having a stronghold on their emotional and social skills, communication skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills.

If a child is not well prepared when it comes to managing different type of activities, then it will make it hard for them to get along with other children when it comes to the following instruction or communicating when they need. According to the research, it has been found that if a child is entirely ready, then it will help them to develop their skills more optimally than the students who were getting admitted at a very tender age without being ready for it. You have to know the kid’s school readiness skills.

You will have to analyze whether the child is ready for school or not and this is what you can easily figure out when you will analyze certain factors that are discussed in detail below.

Cognitive Skills

A child must have developed a basic sense related to numbers, thinking skills and should have the idea about waiting and taking turns. This is a great way to judge school readiness.

Physical Health with Coordination

A child should have good basic health along with polished motor skills like gripping the pencil or turning of the pages and must coordinate properly like playing with the ball, climbing, jumping or running.

Emotional Maturity

In most of the school the child will be away from their parents, and that is why they should have the emotional maturity of managing their emotions when they are in contact with people in the larger group and must focus on the task that is given to them. They must be able to focus on the instruction and follow the directions given by the teacher. It can be a stressful job for them if they are not having emotional maturity when it comes to surviving in a school environment by understanding all the rules. You need to keep the tips ready for school checklist.

is my child ready for school

Social Skills

It is very important for a child to easily get along with all the other children and demonstrate their basic manners, and then assert themselves. They should be able to mix up with the other children and play with them independently.

Language Skills

Children must have a polished speaking ability because communication is very important for a child at a very tender age because they will have to listen or talk to the elders for conveying what they want. They should also have the ability to understand various stories and should know how to identify letters or sounds. This is one of the best ways of understanding school readiness.

school readiness skills


A child should be independent when they are away from their parent because in schools they will definitely have some supervision, but they should also have the ability to manage everything like unwrapping the lunchbox, going to the toilet, managing or arranging the belongings and many more. You cannot ignore the fact that childhood education is a must.

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You will have to analyze all these 6 points, if you are not sure then you can also take the help from any kindergarten teacher or preschool teacher who can help you in learning about your child’s behavior and whether they are ready for school. These tips will help you to understand the school readiness of your child in 2019.

How to Prepare Your Child for School?

One should arrange some playdates where they can take the child and make them friends with other children who are going to get admitted to the same school. In this way, it will help the child to see familiar faces when they are going to the school and will also assist in developing the social skills along with giving them enough confidence that they are going to meet their friends when they are going to school.

You should encourage a child to dress themselves along with undressing so that they can learn to manage things along with using the toilet by themselves without any assistance.

You should allow your child to practice a different type of drawing by using several materials like crayons, pencils or texts. You should also help them in developing their motor skills and always praise them for their efforts.

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You should also talk to your child and have a conversation with them so that you can ask them several questions and see how they are answering them. In this way, you will be encouraging them to communicate their thoughts and what they are thinking about or feeling. Once they get the idea of how to express themselves, it will be very easy for them to easily blend in an environment of the school and communicate with teachers and friends. This is going to ensure school readiness.

You should help the child to develop some basic awareness skills related to numbers by allowing them to assist you in your household task. You should make them arrange the table or count the number of plates to matching the socks to measuring some ingredient while baking.

You should also play some indoor games like board games or card games as it will help them to practice the sharing, turn to take, learning and waiting and have the idea of controlling the emotion even if they are losing the game.

Try to engage your child in reading to develop their reading skills and start from easy books.

When it comes to teaching a child to adopt certain abilities, you should always use fun and interactive ways in order to remove boredom. Start the training from a tender age. You need to analyze your kid and ask yourself is my child ready for school.


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