Nursery Admissions is scary enough by itself; there are many things which are not just limited to the admissions but the main thing is what happens when you submit the forms?

The mayhem starts after that.

The time when parents approach for the admissions at that time they are bombarded by the question of whether they are siblings with a child already studying or if the parents are the alumni of the school? What if your child is the only child and you were not the alumni of the school. With listing which schools have presented have such bizarre conditions that one has to pull their hair. Finding a school in which your kids fulfill the criteria is very tough to implement.

The chances of admissions get even stark if the parents are not alumni, if you have no siblings at school, if you are a boy child, or you don’t belong to management quota or any EWS quota. These are the problems which are faced by the parents who belong to general category and admissions for their kids are like a battle.

The point system of the nursery admissions is responsible for the denial of admissions. According to the results, the parents who are the alumni or the kids whose siblings are already in the school are given the advantage of admission. There have been reports of parents who have applied to more than 20 schools and they have not been shortlisted anywhere and that is like losing hope. They feel like they have to wait another year for the admissions.

The question arises is that what should they do?

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Not just one or two parents but a lot more than that are facing this issue of not having a sibling or single child and not being alumni of the school. This should be blamed on the flawed and arbitrary points-system devised by schools themselves this time. As per the DoE rules, the schools have to mark 25% of seats as EWS category seats i.e. the students who belong to the economically weaker sections the school has to keep a 25% seat quota separately. For the rest of the 75% seats, the school has devised a points-system which parents say that it is arbitrary. Kids hardly get selected for the given two categories.

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Reports have shown that only a handful of students are selected from a lot of many students under these two categories. This is clearly marked as gender discrimination by the parents when girls get the priority and boys don’t.


Neighborhood- Distance matters, if the family is from the nearby are then more points would be given to the kid.

Siblings- If a sibling is already in the school then 10 points are added in the process.

Alumni- Most of the parents prefer their kids in sending to the school in which they studied because of the quality of education they provide and they know that it is good.

Management Quota- Despite this quota being terminated, the high court has allowed some schools to go ahead with it.

The best way to refrain from these crises is to know about them and follow a logical and uniform selection basis. Parents should know that school cannot assign points to them based on these pointers. If we keep on letting the schools do whatever they want to then the number of admissions will go down and parents will feel more helpless.          


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