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How to manage kids’ time during summer vacations

What are the TWO WORDS that make kids happy?


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A time to relax, play and study. This is the only time for what kids whole of the year to just live freely without and books and teachers and school. Engaging your kids during this time will not make them lose their habit of being active and this will make the less torpid.  Chalking out a plan and making your kids follow that religiously will not only help them out but will help you also as you will have something or the other up your sleeve. Summer vacations are worth a wait but going back to school will have a lot of long faces.

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Not only the kids but parents also wait for the summer vacations as they also need to relax from the morning chaos. But that does not mean that you can go on being lazy all the vacations. This can make a wrong impact on your kids. Before summer vacations, half of the time your kids would go the school which will make up almost 7 hours of daytime so when vacations arrive and as they progress, children tend to become lazy after some time as the habit fades away with time.

So, how do you manage the time? Follow the steps to find out

Don’t Wake Up Late

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Waking up late is no use as if you do that you will lose the habit of waking up early and this will add to your daily routine. Getting enough sleep is good but over-sleeping should not be done. Try to wake up at the same time every day. Manage your kids well, changing their sleep pattern can lead to mood swings and the kids will not get enough sleep. As much as sleep is important, outdoor activities are too.

Make a Flow Chart

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Plan out your day in advance and set out your playtime, study time, and holiday’s homework time. If you find it difficult to make a timetable or flow chart then ask the teacher for help. Through this, your child will learn to manage his/her time in a systematic way. This will be helpful in long run.

Catch Up With the Friends

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Interaction with friends during school time is difficult as it leads to detention or a scolding by the teacher. This is the time when you can catch up with friends and call them frequently to your place or vice versa. Working and playing together will not only make your friendship bond strong but you will also know them inside out. You can make new friends through social media (not random strangers), it’s really a good idea to broaden your thinking and explore more.

Don’t Be a Couch Potato

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Summers are the time to play outside and you get this vacation to unwind. Make your kids join different weekly camps according to their taste. There are so many outdoor activities which you can do with your kids. You can even enroll in those camps which can be attended by both parents and kids.

Books for Geeks

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There are a smattering amount of kids who are interested in books. While managing study and holiday home works time, go to the local library to explore the books with your kids. Introduce them to bigger ideas and make them read biographies of famous people. Not only they will be happy to read the book but will also learn something new. This will make them remember the saying and ideologies of those famous people and they will try to follow them.

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Summertime is play time and just bulking up them with studies will make them slow. This can even distort the mental development of your child.


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