What Makes School A Temple Of Learning

In ancient times, temples were used as the place to learn the lessons about life. The teachers were worshiped as Gods and students would bow down their heads in respect. Things have not changed but as the generations and times have advanced, the infrastructure and the style of teaching have moved forward. One thing that has not changed is the meaning of school i.e. the temple of learning.


There is a vast difference between a school and a school which is a place of learning. Anyone can build a building and give it any random name worthy school as a suffix. But what are the qualities or points that make a concrete building a place of learning? The faculty, teachers are like blood to the heart.  Infrastructure is also an important part of the organization but what is need of a vast building when the guru is not present.


Teachers or the knowledge imparters should be well learned. It is in a teacher’s hand on how to mold a child’s future. Making learning fun and bestowing knowledge upon the students is the job of a teacher but teaching moral principles of life and integrity is also important. Being a mentor and giving the right directions to their students is what makes Teacher a Guru. A capable teacher will not only make learning fun but will also teach on being patient, being truthful, being loyal, and doing justice to what is right.


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Trust– Trust is essential for a teacher and a student. Apart from the lesson, sometimes teachers convey a valuable lesson which can be worthy in long run. One has to just keep his eyes and ears open.

Time- Time management is vital for the growth of the students depends on it. In school, you learn how to manage time and make the most out of it.

Technology- Earlier technology was considered alien and was disapproved. As the time progressed, classrooms were digitalized into smart classes and made learning fun. According to research, it is easier to remember something if it is shown in visual formats than to mug it out from the book.  Nowadays generation depends on technology.

Thinking- Thinking together as a team will increase the knowledge area as everyone will have different ideas to share. Restricted thinking is harmful and students should explore different ideas.


The place to learn should be innovative and learn worthy. After faculty, infrastructure plays an imperative role. It is mentioned in Bible that the one who builds a house upon a rock will face no harm. Like the firm foundation of a student, the building should be strong and safe. With a big playground, indoor games area, clean and hygienic cafeteria, and well-aired classrooms are an added advantage.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Learning is important and so are extracurricular activities. Daily learning with different types of games will add as refreshment. Here at DELHI CITY SCHOOL, ROHINI we focus on the physical and mental upbringing. Imparting knowledge is important but we also Educate, Impart, and Enlighten the kids. We make the children ready for the future and to face all the problems in life with confidence and dignity.


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