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It’s only in the movies and daily soaps that kids seem so happy waking up and getting ready for school. Coming back to the real life, when a parent enters the room where the kids are sleeping, they will find a weary child who is sleeping with an open mouth, and you can even see the drool dripping from their mouth. For a split second, you don’t want to wake up that sleepy child.

Then you suddenly remember that the clock is ticking and your child is getting late. You just grab your kid and take them straight to the bathroom. They can barely stand due to drowsiness but what to do, they have to get ready by the given deadline. Don’t you think that kids should wake up fresh with a happy face without an ounce of sleep in their eyes? Okay, I agree that I exaggerated too much but there are many points that add to the future success of your child. Keeping this in mind, let’s get on with the points.


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No matter what, kids are always sleep deprived. They are always sleep hungry and have a unique talent for falling asleep anywhere. This is really exhausting. Let me get back to the story, your kid reaches the classroom all weary and tired like he/she has played a football match in a dream and got tired in real life. He is really dragging himself to the classroom and is trying his best to keep his eyes open. Guess what he has a surprise quiz in the first period and your oh-so-wonderful child is not prepared at all.

As soon as the paper is distributed, he is finding it hard in keeping the eyes open. He is trying hard to focus on the question and is thinking about the answer and side by side he is having a battle between whether to keep his eyes open or to just sleep and keep all worries aside. Finally, sleep wins the battle and he is caught snoring and drooling on the exam sheet.

Have you ever wondered why your kid is regularly sleeping in school? What are the effects of less sleep? Are you and school putting too much stress on the kids? Maybe this is the reason that your kid is constantly sleepy.

With too much pressure of study, extra-curricular activities, and part-time job, kids are making it difficult for them to keep up with the pace. They are learning to be independent but it is taking a toll on their health.  Scenarios like these are not letting the kids take proper hours of sleep. Serious health issues can arise if your child is not taking enough sleep.


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Let’s just say that it is important for children and teenagers to sleep more, as they require more sleep than others. It might be because of the raging hormones development of body and mind. They are full of energy also to utilize that energy in studying and playing games so it is obvious that they get drained up easily. Let’s just say that but disturbed sleep pattern is seen in teenagers and kids as they don’t get adequate time for sleeping. A growing teenager or a child needs approximately 6 to 8 hours of continuous sleep. But as you can see the pattern is disturbed because of a lot of stress homework and other responsibilities that teenagers carry on their little Shoulders. There was a time when the kids would come home after school they would do their homework they would play games and they would be sleeping by maximum 8 p.m. but nowadays it is seen that kids are midnight completing all the work that has been pending and was not done because of various reasons. The reasons can be a part-time job for school plays, any extracurricular activities that were not included in the mentioned schedule. The parents should ask these questions to themselves:

How would the time change? How will we get the kids to sleep more?

It is seen that some of the schools start early than the rest of the schools, for example, one school starts at 7 p.m. and the other schools start at 8 p.m. The different commencing time of the schools makes it very difficult for the children to keep up with the work cum extra-curricular activities and tuitions as well. If the school is starting early then it will finish early, this is not the same, if the school starts early it might finish late, your kid might have different game practices like football practice or basketball practice or cricket practice. After that, the scenario doesn’t end here.

Students rush to tuition centers after they are done with the practices without even taking some rest. Students just directly go to the tuition centers instead of going home and freshening up and this can only add up to their tiredness. It’s the time management is not up to the mark and the kids will always be sleep deprived and they will not be able to concentrate on any of the work that study or be at the game’s practices they will not be able to manage it properly.

Let me give you an example, in Japan, you are not allowed to give any exams till you reach class 5. This is because they think that the child is still developing and doesn’t understand the system of examination. According to them the child is still in the learning space and to test the knowledge they don’t have to give exams. They are even allowed to sleep in class if they are feeling tired and overwhelmed by all the study they have done in past hour. This is why they are not sleep deprived and at that moment they are able to concentrate more on work and the studies. This is why people in Japan the workers the students are intelligent and presentable

Waking up fresh is extremely important if you want your day to be happy and to be productive. This can only be done through proper time management and buy some help from teachers and parents.

Here’s how parents can help the kids sleeping early:

  1. Take away the laptop mobile, smart phones, tablet or any gadget which is not allowing them to sleep early. Shut it down and keep it with you no matter if your child throws a tantrum about letting them use that device.
  2. Make a flowchart of your work and divide your time and do that work according to the time or in the given time this will give you an insight of your capabilities and you will be able to complete a work in a given deadline. If you have any work coming up late at night then don’t do it, working late at night while your brain is not working completely is strict no no, as it’s tired from the entire day. The result would be bad as you won’t be able to complete the work and you will kill your sleep I will still not be able to do the work.
  3. A proper sleep time management will help when you will get enough sleep.


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Everyone considers their school as a best schools in Delhi and a child who is going to school wakes up in the morning to get dressed no matter if they are sleep deprived they just get dressed for school. They enter the school with swollen eyes which are red-rimmed which clearly shows that they haven’t had the best night sleep. No one understands it that kids are actually fulfilling the demands of high school and teachers. There is no way your child will grow academic early or in the extra-curricular activities if he or she is starting their day with no energy. They will not be able to concentrate on their studies and everything bounce cold right above their head.


What should the parents keep in mind?

  1. If the parents can stop being pushy about how the child will perform in extra-curricular activities and academics, the kids can actually perform well.
  2. Provide them with the best nutrients and a proper nutrition so that they have a day which is energy filled.
  3. If you see your child home with a sad face then don’t barge upon him or her. Start with the casual talk, try to be humorous, politely ask them what went wrong and where it went wrong don’t make yourself sound very pushy. If a child is not ready to say a word then give them some time they will surely open up to you.
  4. If things seem to slip out of your hands then take advice from the student counselor. Only a pro can handle the kids who are a tough nut. During the counseling sessions with your kids, you have to be patient and things will definitely fall into place.


Ok, this is a Universal fact that parents can sometimes be irritating, that doesn’t mean that we stop loving our parents. Sometimes parents need to understand that there is a huge generation and age gap between parents and the kids. It is obvious that there was a time when the parents were also kids, they were also teenagers, but that time was different and now they are others and they are behaving like one. Sometimes, unknowingly parents pile up so much on the kids that it’s difficult for them to bear the burden.

What mistakes they should keep in mind and should not repeat:

Never raise your voice or your hand

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If your child has committed a mistake be it a grave one or a simple one, you are not supposed to raise your hand or raise your voice. Make them sit on a couch and sit with them, ask them what went wrong and where it went wrong. This is the time the kids are extremely afraid of what their parents might say if they are being caught while committing something which they are not supposed to do. Listen to them carefully and in a very calm manner. Understand the severity of the situation and tell them about the good and bad of the mistake. Make them learn out of their mistakes.

Do not over praise or under praise your child

We agree that parents are usually happy when their kids win a medal or score a goal against a team. Everyone is capable of similar or different things, it is just that the parents should keep this thing in mind and they should not over praise or under praise their child. Praise them accordingly.

Being overprotective

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It is a basic instinct of a parent if they are protective towards their child, every parent is. It is ok until you are protective towards your child, being overprotective is something which brings back the concern. Sometimes, kids need to learn from their mistakes and its ok if you let them. If they don’t commit a mistake and they don’t learn any lesson out of it then how will they know what to do if situation arises again. So, let them be free and learn from their mistakes. It’s OK to get hurt in a while.

Not paying adequate attention to children’s feelings

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First of all, stop using the things that “boys don’t cry”, “babies cry” and ” come on, doesn’t look that bad”. Suppose your child has fallen down from the cycle, his knee is bleeding and he is crying out loud, you come out of your home and see what is happening, you take a look at the bleeding knee all you have to say is “this doesn’t look bad, get up and clean up”. A very wrong impression is imposed on you on your kid. Kids are very emotional, especially teenagers, with puberty hitting and change in their bodies, their hormones grow as well. If you have this callous attitude towards your kid’s feeling, then the child will hesitate to share anything with you. They will face an “emotional neglect” and will the doors of their heart permanently from you. They will no longer trust their emotions and this can result in long-term consequences.


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