Extracurricular activities as science fairs or exhibitions always encourage students to pursue knowledge as the learners engage in learning outside the classroom as a key, integrated element of their experience . To foster our children’s spirit to supplement their quest for knowledge, On 21st July 2018 an exhibition “kaleidoscope” was organized in Delhi City School . The exhibition was inaugurated by our Chairperson Mrs.Swati Mittal , Manager Mr.Kapil Mittal and Mr.Shashank Garg , Member of Management Committee.

It was a great opportunity for the students of Delhi City School for implementing the things they have learned and also to apply their ideas and present things differently in their own unique way. The students showcased their talents in different subjects. On the occasion of the exhibition, the school premises was flamboyantly adorned. A festive zeal was present among the students and teachers. The entire school was abuzz with activity.

All the dignitaries and the parents appreciated the various projects of the students. Everyone was pleased with the way the students explained their projects. The whole school was filled with numerous exhibits. To enlist a few there were, path finding robot, automatic street light system, rainwater harvesting, smart city, hydrolic bridge, drone, 3D animation etc. After all it was a great day for the students at Delhi City School, as they could showcase their skills, know and learn more about the wonders of science. A variety of events were organized and presented by the students. A nukkad natak on “Corruption” , English plays “The Merchant Of Venice” and “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare were presented by the students of classes X and XI. The Exhibition opened for parents at 9am. It saw the attendance of a large number of parents who appeared to enjoy and appreciate the projects displayed. The Exhibition was a huge success. Enthusiasm and effervescence overflowed amongst students, their teachers and parents!

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