Don’t Be Mean Behind the Screen

Wikipedia defines Cyberbullying as “Cyberbullying or Cyber Harassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means.”

But “What actually Cyberbullying is?”

Cyberbullying is an intense torture which is faced by some innocent being, in which the person is very far away from you and still bullying you. People find pleasure and satisfaction in ruining your reputation. It gives an immense sense of insecurity and questions are raised upon a person who is being bullied. They feel like they do not deserve to live as everyone hates them. This Cyberbullying is spreading like wildfire. Kids carry technology in their hands and they can misuse it and are actually doing it.

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One little mistake can lead to the loss of life and no one is bothered about it apart from parents and friends. Some kids are very secretive, they don’t discuss everything that has happened to them or is happening with them. Parents or close ones have to find out and sometimes it is too late.

With open permissions to the internet, it has touched every aspect of life. Gadgets and Smartphone devices are not just used to call or message but they are being used to mentally harass a person.

Physical harassment can heal with time but mental harassment leaves a solid imprint on the mind.

Understanding Bullying

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Cyberbullying is bullying through media devices and social media. The current generation feels it is okay to lower their morals and bully. Posting mean remarks or humiliating photographs, making dangers, or barring somebody from online gatherings or different correspondences are so easily done by some people and it gives them immense pleasure to them.

Even if you have given a limited exposure to the internet then also your child can be exposed to Cyberbullying. Youngsters can be unkind to each other amid youthfulness as they rehearse their social aptitudes. Most specialists concur that to be viewed as Cyberbullying, online collaborations must incorporate similar qualities that characterize up close and personal tormenting: expectation to hurt, rehashed hostility, and a genuine or saw irregularity of energy.

The Mean Girls (Groupism)

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In schools, students are divided into groups, the intellectuals, the dumb, and then abates. The act of groupism is the main cause of bullying. With students forming groups, they target a lonely student out of the blue and bully them until they cry or are broken down badly. The student, who is alone, is generally considered weak and happens to be a soft target. The chances of bullying increases if a person is of different sexuality, disabled, or are a transgender. Group of students’ together target that poor soul and irritates them to the core.


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In this lattice of Cyberbullying, there are three types of people

  • The one who bullies
  • The one who is being bullied
  • The laughing spectators

Look For These Signs

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  • It is very important to ask your child about his/her day at school, you see that there is a change in facial expression then you must ask about the matter.
  • Encourage your child to speak up if something is bothering them.
  • They will look emotionally drained out and will zone out more often.
  • They will talk less to their friends.
  • They are bunking classes and have gone introvert.
  • They stay in their own secluded spot.

Note to Students


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That’s all you have to do. Building up more mental pressure will make you go insane. Running away from the bully is not the way to stop being harassed. Talk to your parents and to your teacher. If you are not able to talk to them then talk to a person who can convey your feelings.

Keeping all inside and ruining your future will take you to the extreme levels of mental instability.


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