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“You have to start school tomorrow, are you excited!”

These nine words can scare the hell out of you. Not only the kids are scared of school but the parents are also scared. The responsibilities come back from the vacation and you have to wake up early and prepare your kids for the school. You get jitters and nightmares whenever you think about going to school.

I remember the day when I came back crying from school because my classmates didn’t have lunch with me and I ate alone. My mom asked if I started a conversation with any of the kids or not. I refused to say that I was scared whether they would like me or not.

School is a place where students come to study, play, and learn. It’s not necessary that the kids there will hate you. Whenever there is a new kid in the class then the other kids are curious to know about him/her. If they approach you then it is a good sign, if they don’t then you approach them and talk to them.

How should you start a conversation on your first day?

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  • Start by asking their name. Ask them nicely, and if it is a girl, be more polite.
  • If you are too shy then ask your teacher to introduce you to the class.
  • Ask your classmates about where they have their lunch and if you can join them.
  • And most importantly, SMILE; smile back if your classmate is smiling at you.

Talking to someone new is not as scary as you have in your mind. Don’t make any assumptions about whether they will like you or not or whether they will accept you as their friend or not.

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Coming back to parents, they can also help their kids with some tips and tricks. Parents can prepare their kids before they go to school.

  • Talk to your kids and tell them the scenario ahead. Ask them if they have any doubts or any questions regarding anything.
  • Bullying is an important topic to discuss. Parents should talk about bullying and should tell their kids about bullying and what should they do when someone harasses and bullies them.
  • Racism is another aspect of the debate. Tell your kids about equality and never to make fun of kids who different from others. If your kid is different then tell them that if they face any sarcasm or harassment then they should inform their teacher or parent.
  • Make them confident for themselves by talking to them and pointing out the positive points in them.
  • If it is possible, arrange play dates with fellow students before the school opens. This will make things easy for you as the child will be familiar with faces.
  • Share the stories about your first day jitters and explain them on how you came up with it. Your stories will encourage your kids and this will help them if they face the same scenario.
  • Teach your child in taking hints, they should understand is someone if not interested in them then they should know.

Parents should understand the need for their kids; every child is different and unique. Make their first day a memorable.


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