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Friendship is the beautiful bond in the world, even better than any relationship. You must have seen in schools that how kids are friends or bff’s (best friends forever) with each other and it is really good to see that they carry this friendship for long. Friendship goes on longer time than any other relation without any fights. Especially when you’re sharing it with your parents. Seeing a best friend in your parents is the best part of one’s life. Once you become your child’s best friend they will start sharing each and every problem of their life with you. Which will make them comfortable towards you and will start sharing any problems with you without any hesitation. It’s good to have a frank and open nature towards your child. Try to become your child’s best friend on your own, it sounds like a good idea. This will inculcate some good habits. Being a best friend with your child does not always means that they will not respect you, obey you, or abuse you. It depends on you how you treat them and how you manage the things with them.


best schools in delhi

Manage a kind of nature that will help them to grow as an obedient child with good manners. It’s in parents hands or their responsibility for bringing up their child properly, make them happy, individual, responsible towards their studies. There are a lot of issues in children’s lives that they do not talk about to their parent because they think they will get scolded for those matters. This makes them quiet for their problems and issues, which make them suffer. Some of these problems require the most attention. Sometimes children don’t share anything through which they are going on, which needs to be shared. This is the reason that you need to have a free and open relationship with your child. Never be strict with your children, this make them think about a lot more about any problem. This gives a lot of strain which affects the studies and their happy life.  Try to communicate with your child about his/her life. That whats going on in their life. Teenagers get in peer pressure, first love, etc.


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They go through many issue in life which needs to be discussed with their parents freely and openly. Basically at this period of time they need a great support by their major ones. This will make him feel secure and strong. Due to generation gap,  a lot of parents being not able to identify the lifestyle of their child. Which is very important to make an effort to know it. Give your child a little space, so that he can identify what is good and what is bad for him/her. So that they can learn from the mistakes they made. When they tell something listen it with full interest and carefully, teach them the good morals of values of life. Tell them that you will always be there for them at anytime, and they can trust you enough to share their problems. Put the individuality traits in your child when you discuss issues with them, so that they have the realisation if they are doing any wrong thing or bad thing. This all translates into many happy moments spent together as a family. So go ahead and have happy environment at home.



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