It’s really sad that the CBSE Board exam paper leaked for Xth and XIIth. It is very hard for the students to cope up with the initial pressure and the paper leak came as a blow for them. This is the time that they would be completely stressed out.

Have you ever seen how the students prepare for the exams? They forget about everything and they only have one aim i.e. to score well in each subject. Now at this time when it was just A few hours left for the exam to be held, the question paper leaked for Xth (Mathematics) and XIIth (Economics). It was not the fault of students. Yet, CBSE decided that the exams for Mathematics and Economics will be re-conducted and the dates would soon be posted on the website.


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There is no point in stressing out from this news. Keep these few pointers in mind.

  • Once you have practiced well then it is difficult to keep all the study material out of the mind. We know that it is not easy to face the exams again, but just a quick revision will be needed.
  • It is a benefit for those who did not perform well in the exams and a benefit for those also who performed well. They know their mistakes and they will not repeat again. So it is a win-win situation.
  • Do not be de-motivated. You already know the pattern of the questions and you can work according to that level.
  • It’s a good time to take tips from the teachers as they will guide you in the right direction. Who knows maybe they have a trick or two under their sleeve.
  • This time some parents would be having a higher expectation as according to them it is a GOLDEN CHANCE. It is good to keep expectations but motivate your children in a good way. Do not impose your expectations on them.
  • Plan according to the chapters, mark out all the important points and practice them. Just don’t overdo as you will tend to forget. Do not fill your brain up to the brim.
  • If you are stressed out then pop some bubbles from a bubble wrap. Believe me, it helps.


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