Every parent wants the best school for their kids, and this is one of the toughest things. Moreover, parents feel more difficult than anything.

There are some questions that come in the mind of every parent while selecting the school for their kids and these follow along with the answers.

  1. Why is the Nursery School Admission 2019 is difficult in Delhi NCR?

Let me tell that the need is more and availability is less. In Delhi NCR there are approximately 1,250 private unaided schools with around 1.42 lac nursery seats and on the other hand, there are more 1.70 lac children waiting for the nursery seats. From last few years, Point System took place for the screening of applications and it has been recommended by the Ganguly committee. The point system is basically the best guiding mechanism and has been tweaked by schools from time to time. This system has led to confusion and chaos due to lack of enforcement and non- uniform implementation.

Delhi School Education Advisory Board (DSEAB)

  1. Is there any possibility of changing this situation?

My answer is YES, more seats and more upcoming schools can change the picture. However, this will take some time and this is not even the immediate action, it will take some years for that to happen. Recently private schools run a second shift after regular school hours with no common teachers. This is really a good step to take of impending worry. The admission criteria are just same as the first shift with 25% reservation for EWS category under the RTE act. Some of the schools follow this but you have seen this in the coming years.

  1. What are the minimum and maximum age of getting admission into the nursery?

Delhi School Education Advisory Board (DSEAB) has taken some decisions and those are announced on 19th December 2012. For admission into the nursery, the minimum age has to be 3 years by or before March30 of the academic year in which admission is sought. As per the Delhi High Court ruling, there is no upper age limit for nursery admission.

Nursery Admission-DCS

  1. Is there any possibility of following of point system this year also?

Point system has been followed from 2014, have been asked to give maximum weight to the distance from the school. It is mandatory for all school in Delhi to follow this system. Though school has carried on to tweak, twist and change the points according to their convenience. And the other criteria for points are siblings, single parent, alumni and also there are separate points for ORPHANS this year.

  1. When the forms for Nursery will be available? How does it work?

School already have come out with the forms for the nursery. As a parent, you must keep a track of these on the nursery admission section at our website. School provides all the details.

Some parents feel that the nursery admissions process in Delhi NCR is lack transparency and unfair. However, I would suggest you to start interacting with other parents on our site, especially with their children in the school of your choice, read their feedback and opinions.

As a parent, you are one who can make things better and even best for your child.



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